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2012 Review

I decided to ditch the formal categories this year in favor of writing whatever comes to mind.

I live with my mate of nine years in a larger home than we need, at the edge of a small town where nobody bothers us. I have family in town, and Kardokis's family is a day's drive away. Things are good.

Physically I am probably in better condition now than I have ever been, overall.

As for work... I play with dogs for a living. I've certainly had less enjoyable jobs. And it's extremely part time, which is great as far as I'm concerned. I have the money I need to support my modest desires, and the time to pursue those goals I wish to.

A little over a year ago I became rather enamored with glowstringing. Since then I have practiced with varying dedication, and while I have learned much, I still have a long way to go. It is an odd feeling to think back on the days when I struggled with the most basic of techniques, and to know that the things which challenge me now will one day be just as effortless. This endeavor has been quite fulfilling for me, and I'm glad that I chanced across the fellow who inspired me to begin.

Last year as I wrote my annual review I enacted a new standard for how I spend my time. My application has been imperfect, but nonetheless I have broken free of a few cognitive traps and I feel it has yielded good results. Over the past few months I've been growing gradually more lax about it, and now is as good a time as any to correct that. It is time to renew my focus, and to re-dedicate myself to that quest I began eleven years ago.
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