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Nothing of great importance.

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Hello, I am Claviarm. 31/M/Rat in Cortez, CO. I am rather relaxed, not very talkative, and generally content to do nothing, which means I am rather boring company.

I studied religion in college, and then assumed my occupation as a brazen rider of the winds of fate, truster of fortune, and follower of intuition. It seems to be working out so far.

In the early days of this journal, I wrote about who I was and what I believed. Most of that has been said by now, and some of it is no longer accurate. As an old photograph, the archives of this journal are a record of a man who once existed, one who bears resemblance to but is not entirely the same as the one who exists today.

My more recent entries will be of little interest to those who don't wish to follow whatever events in my life I feel like recounting. There are no private entries. You can see it all whether or not you're on my friends list.

Also, since I have enough entries to warrant it, I will note that LJ only allows access to so many entries through the normal view mode. You must use the archive/calendar mode to see the older ones.