Claviarm (claviarm) wrote,

2011 Review

Domestic: I live with my mate of eight years, kardokis, in a larger home than we need, at the edge of a small town where nobody bothers us. I have family in town, and Kardokis's family is a day's drive away. Same as last year, except Kardokis's sleep schedule has become even more ridiculous. 8/10

Social: Alas, one of the few furries in the area has moved away, and Lavarion has stopped playing games so I no longer see him online. Otherwise, things are as they've always been here--I see family fairly often, and otherwise I am left alone by the world. 7/10

Occupational: I did a bit of work over the holiday season, to replenish my reserves and make a few purchases. More valuable than the money, perhaps, is having been reminded that punching a clock is working to make somebody else rich--not a wise choice in how to spend one's life, I think. Can I find and pursue a better option? We shall see. 8/10

Financial: Just peachy, all things considered. But the price of cheese has gone crazy. 8/10

Physical: Generally good. Better than ever, in one particular respect which is sort of my focus right now.

Mental: Probably the greatest downside of working was that it left no time for me to learn anything. It is a crushing feeling to look back over past months and realize that one has accomplished nothing other than earning a paycheck. Now that it's done with, I can resume my exploration.

Emotional: I have recognized a few improvements that could be made, but this is of course only as useful as my ability to follow through.

Spiritual: I cannot say that I have made any meaningful progress compared to where I was a year ago. In many ways this has been a wasteful year.

Unrelated to the new year, I am planning what may be some rather significant changes for the future in terms of how I spend my time. I have fallen into a few cognitive traps that I need to break out of. Hopefully these changes will bear fruit over the coming year.
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