Claviarm (claviarm) wrote,

2013 Review

It is hard to believe that it was less than a year ago that I embarked on my current path towards the nursing field. I have been at the top of all my prerequisite classes, I have gained experience as a CNA (and a vet tech, incidentally), and my application to nursing school proper is swiftly approaching. I have been unconsciously increasing the extent to which this objective consumes my time, since it all started. I realize now that it has gone too far--working too many hours in combination with classes has left me largely without any time for anything else. This itself would be fine, as a temporary measure to achieve a goal, but the impact on Kardokis combined with the loss of progress towards any of my other goals is too much to allow. I think that I must slow things down in the coming year.

What else has happened in the past year? Initially I find it hard to think of anything, which is itself proof of my obsession.

After RMFC, Kardokis started glowstringing. That was totally awesome, but I let it fade away because I've been busy all the time. I haven't done any myself in months. I haven't done any anything in months. Wake up, Claviarm, and realize that you're supposed to be more than just a nursing student.

Heh, this isn't how my annual reviews usually go.

Physically I'm doing well. I am in better condition now than ever. Mentally, I'm engaged with classes in a way that hasn't been the case for years, and I'm finding that I am even more suited to these studies now than when I made my first trip through college when I was younger. Emotionally, also better than ever, though there is much work I could do if I wasn't so distracted. Spiritual development has been a casualty of this recent busyness, which is utterly backwards compared to how things ought to be.

Finances are fine. (School is expensive!) Work is alright. Home life is good. Social life is minimal but I've been too busy to notice.

Moving forward into the new year, I need to remember to listen to my heart rather than my mind. A lesson I've learned many times, yet apparently still forget.
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